Fire & Youth Intervention Referral Protocol

The Burn prevention Network manages the Fire & Youth Intervention Program in Lehigh and Northampton counties in PA.

The purpose of the FYI Program is to educate children and families on the hazards associated with firesetting, provide them with the skills necessary to prevent future incidents, and satisfy the informal community intervention requirement set forth by collaborators and partnerships.

What is an FYI referral?

The referral is taken by BPN’s Prevention Education Director, Jessica Banks. A brief form is filled out by Jessica, containing information about the child, the family, and the firesetting incident.

What happens next?

The intake form is forwarded to one of our licensed Mental Health Professionals, who have been trained to use our official Pennsylvania State JFS Assessment Tool. The assessor will contact the family to set up an appointment with the family to conduct the interview.

What will happen during and after the interview?

The assessor will interview both the youth and the parents/guardians. When possible, this interview is conducted in the home, and a trained firefighter will be present to conduct a home safety survey at the same time.

When the assessment is complete, the assessor will forward his/her findings and recommendations to Burn Prevention Network, who will then begin follow-up interventions. Every child receives our education program. Other recommendations could include counseling, other screenings, etc., all of which BPN can assist in setting up.

Who can make an FYI referral?

Anyone who has knowledge of or suspects a child has been involved in firesetting can make a referral. The Burn Prevention Network prides itself on having partnerships with numerous organizations that make referrals like Fire Departments, Police Departments, Probation Departments, Schools, Parents, Legal Guardians, Mental Health Agencies and Children and Youth Agencies, to name a few.

When should an agency make a referral?

Referrals ought to be made as soon as possible after the incident.

What about privacy issues?

Best judgment practices will be used to safeguard confidentiality when dealing with outside inquiries. Furthermore, any data collected will be used for research and accountability only. Information regarding each case will only be shared with program partners assisting with the case. Confidentiality forms will be signed before the assessment is conducted.

What is the role of the Burn Prevention Network?

The Burn Prevention Network manages the program, provides curriculum and other resources, and trains assessors and educators.

When are the Assessments and Fire Safety Education Classes held?

Our assessors and educators will work with each family to schedule dates and times that are mutually agreeable to both parties. This might include days, evenings, and/or weekends.

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