What Camp Means To Me….


“Camp susquehanna  is more than just a camp, it’s a place where I can be myself around people that accept me for who I am and I won’t be judged based on my appearance or my story. Camp is like another family to me and along with a lot of other people that attend this camp, I would do anything for the people at camp, I would do anything to just put a smile on their faces.

Camp has done so much for me these past four years that I attended. When I first had my injury I felt so alone and thought that no one knew what it was like to go through what I went through. My first day to camp I was nervous meeting new people for the first time I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

As soon as i got off the bus I met Jenn, Liz, and Jessica. They all ran up to me and welcomed me to camp introducing me to complete strangers that I now call friends. I was quickly accepted by all the members at camp and started talking to people and sharing stories. During that week at camp I realized there are people that have gone through what I have and we were there for each other. Just talking to people who have similar scars to the ones I do helped me to feel better.

Over the years I have broken out of my shell more and more. I have had the privilege to visit the IAFF  camp, which is run by the International Association of Firefighters. They choose one camper and counselor from every state and some from Canada to go on a week long camp just outside of Washington D.C. and during that week I met a lot of new people who I still talk to. We did a lot in that week, we toured most of the monuments in Washington,  Arlington national cemetery along with the tomb of the unknown soldier. We also went to the National’s baseball game which was fun because I don’t go to games very often.

Long story short, Camp Susquehanna is one of the best things that has happened to me. Without camp I don’t know how I would of gotten this far while being this happy about myself. I am going to try to go every year i can just to meet new faces and hang out with the ones I already know. I can’t wait for camp this year since we are going to a new location which i am excited to visit, and this year I hope to be a Leader in Training for the first time.”

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