The President’s Award

DSC08941.ARWThe President’s Award

Harrisburg Bureau of Fire

 One month after the Kittatinny Street fire, Harrisburg Bureau of Fire lost another respected member, firefighter Daniel Wolfe, to cancer. As family and firefighters gathered to pay their last respects on a cold, windy night, calls came in for a fully involved house fire on Lexington Street with multiple children trapped upstairs. When crews arrived they found fire and heavy smoke coming from the first floor and smoke pouring from the upper floors. The situation necessitated additional alarms and a call for off-duty firefighters. As the funeral service for Wolfe ended, members of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire mobilized to assist at the scene of the fire. As DeVoe was on his way to his station to retrieve his gear, his car was struck by a motorist driving a stolen vehicle. DeVoe was critically injured and died the next day.

 Five people were rescued from the Lexington Street fire. Two of the children, ages 2 and 10, later died. The fire took an enormous toll on the members of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire. DeVoe was a respected leader and role model both within the department and outside. He was always an example of service and generosity, even in death, when he helped others by donating his organs. His donation directly saved five lives and assisted as many as 100 additional people through tissue donation. His was the first line-of-duty death since 1979.

The President’s Award is presented to the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in recognition of their ongoing efforts to do the work that DeVoe would want them to do despite their devastating losses.


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