The Phoenix Award

SantoSanto Piccolomini – Uniontown, PA

Santo Piccolomini was on the job installing a sign on a building near high-voltage power lines. In a split second, the electricity arced and sent 13,000 volts surging through his body.

He spent almost two months in a trauma burn unit in western Pennsylvania and underwent 19 surgeries to save his arms and maintain movement in his left shoulder. He fought through many hours of physical therapy and at age 21, came to fully appreciate the value of life and those who had supported him. Even before a full recovery, Piccolomini wanted to give back by volunteering at Camp Susquehanna. He shared his positive attitude and enthusiasm for life with the young burn survivors at camp. He left vowing to help support Camp Susquehanna. Few realized how fervently he worked behind the scenes to keep his promise. After months of work and countless hours, Piccolomini raised $8,500 – more than any single counselor ever. His passion for helping young burn survivors has led him to rally others to support the burn survivor community. He has been able to turn his personal experience into a springboard that makes an impact at home and in the world.




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