Spirit of Courage Award Recipients DeVoe & Martin

DSC08869.ARWLt. Dennis DeVoe & Firefighter Nathan Martin – Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, Squad 8

In the early morning hours of February 2, firefighters responded to a house fire on Kittatinny Street, in the Allison Hill section of Harrisburg. They arrived to find a two-story row of apartments with significant smoke and fire coming from the front – and someone trapped inside. DeVoe and Martin ran through a wall of fire at the front door and entered the first floor apartment. They began a search in zero visibility and high heat. Martin found a victim on the sofa but fell while trying to drag him from the room. DeVoe reached them and he and Martin  carried the victim back through the fire, using their bodies to shield him. Once he was in the hands of EMS, they returned to the building to search for additional victims. The man survived thanks to the courageous efforts of DeVoe and Martin.


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