Spirit of Courage Award Recipients: Cruz, J. Dixon, M. Dixon, Young, & Tingle

DSC08960.ARWRick Cruz, Jennifer Dixon, Mavis Dixon, Aaron Young Middletown, Pa.

Sgt. Daniel Tingle  –  Lower Swatara Police Department

Middletown Area High School’s football team had just beaten Scranton Prep in the quarterfinals. As Jennifer Dixon and her mother Mavis were returning home from the game, they came upon a fiery car crash. They could hear people calling for help, so Jennifer kicked in the back passenger window. She and Mavis pulled the passenger out and extinguished the flames on his body with their clothes. In the meantime, Aaron Young had heard the crash from his home nearby and ran to assist. He pulled the teenage driver out, then used his sweatshirt to put out the flames. Sgt. Tingle had arrived on scene and retrieved a fire extinguisher from his car to help put the fire out. Rick Cruz, also on his way home from the game, tried to pry the back passenger door open, thinking there were more passengers in the back. Relieved that there were only two in the car, he assisted the Dixons. The driver and passenger sustained severe injuries, but if not for the bravery of these five heroes the outcome could have been very different.

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