So Long, TFNE!

Tobacco Free North East (TFNE), the regional primary contractor for tobacco control and smoking prevention program in NE Pennsylvania, has been a division of the Burn Prevention Network for the past 6-years. That association ends on October 1, 2017. The State grant supporting TFNE operations has been awarded to the American Lung Association.

“Tobacco control has long been a strategy in reducing the incidence of devastating fires and associated burn injuries,” stated Dan Dillard, executive director of the Burn Prevention Network. “Six years ago, when TFNE was in search of an organization under who’s umbrella it could operate, our board saw the synergy and agreed to accept operational oversight,” Dillard continued. The programs of TFNE operated as a division of the BPN from that time until the present.

While the road has been rocky at times with legal challenges to the State Grant and the most recent State Budget Impasse, this association proved to be beneficial for both the BPN and TFNE. As additional health-related initiatives such as diabetes prevention, fall prevention and healthy foods education were awarded to TFNE, there was an increasing divergence from the core mission of the BPN.

“While we will most certainly miss our daily association with the four members of the TFNE Staff, it makes a great deal of sense that the State contract for tobacco control and associated health-related issues go to the American Lung Association. The ALA’s mission much more closely aligns with these initiatives,” commented Dillard.

Using extreme care when smoking and smoking cessation will continue to be strategies that the BPN advocates as burn prevention measures. We wish our TFNE colleagues well in there new home!

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