Safety Lines – Helping Those At Greatest Risk Stay Safe!

Part of the Burn Prevention Network’s mission is to provide education for “those at greatest risk” of burn injury. One of the largest segments of this population is young children. As infants become toddlers they are curious about their environment but unsteady on their feet, and do not yet understand the dangers of things that could burn them, like hot water, hot food on the stove, fireplace doors, candles…the list goes on!

To protect these precious little ones, it becomes crucial to teach those that take care of them how to keep them safe – their parents, guardians, and caregivers. Our “Safety Lines” newsletter attempts to do just that!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Every quarter, the Burn Prevention Network writes and distributes an original Safety Lines Newsletter to all of the Early Care Centers in our Safety Lines Network. By joining the network, the Early Care Centers agree to send the newsletter out to all of the families in their care. The newsletter provides seasonal fire and burn safety tips, geared toward families with young children, as well as fun activity ideas for parents and caregivers. The best news? The newsletter is provided to registered Early Care Centers completely FREE OF CHARGE! They are available in hard copy or electronically.

During January, we’ll be conducting our annual Safety Lines membership drive – but YOU can sign up now!! You do not have to be an Early Care Center to sign up – many Fire Departments, Pediatric Facilities, and other types of organizations use these newsletters as community outreach as well! Just fill out our brief registration form and let us know how you will use the information – that’s all there is to it! You’ll then receive the Safety Lines newsletter, four time per year, free of charge! For a peek at some of our past issues, visit our website.

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