Scar Physiology, Research, and Treatment Fund

For the advancement and treatment of healing from scars


Program MissionRBC2

The mission of the program is to advance the knowledge of how scars develop over time and determine what interventions will alter scar development to minimize the undesired effects of scar development and its associated pain.

The Impact of Scars

Scars can be caused by a traumatic skin injury significantly affect people’s lives.  Scars can be painful and itchy.  They can cause skin to tighten, lead to disfigurement, impact mobility and affect the body’s ability to maintain its temperature.  Major scarring can be a lifelong disability with mental, occupational, financial and social consequences.

Discovering Innovative Treatments

The Scar Physiology, Research and Treatment Fund, which is partnered with the nationally recognized Burn Prevention Network. is currently supporting research to better understand how scars develop and to discover new treatments.  The research is in jeopardy due to lack of funding.

You Can Help

Your support of the Scar Physiology, Research and Treatment Fund will impact people’s Untitled-2lives.  The fund exclusively supports research trials that examine scar development and treatment options.  You can help the Health Network reach its goal of raising $500,000, the amount needed to support this important, potentially life-changing research.


About the Research


Located at the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, partnered with the Burn Prevention Network

Learn more about the Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Regional Burn Center


One of the first community hospitals in the nation to receive full accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research  Protection Programs (AAHRPP).  The Center also follows the standards of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and is a Food and Drug Administration-approved site.


Research scientists are integrated with clinical departments for a comprehensive, collaborative approach to research.

Donor Opportunities

As a donor to the SCAR fund, your name will be mentioned in all presentations and publications as a supporter of this ground breaking research.  Donors who participate in scar research will receive the benefit of knowing they are helping develop life-changing outcomes for those suffering from scars.



Dan Dillard, Fund Administrator



Fund Founders

Matt Ferdock, CEO, DataCeuticstopcenterlogo

Matt runs a national data analysis company focused on drug research.

Lori Ferdock, VMD

Lori is a veterinarian with over 20 years experience practicing in the area.

Dan Dillard, CEO, Burn Prevention Network

Dan has worked in burn support at the regional and national level for 28 years.


Research Principal Investigator- Sigrid Blome- Eberwein, MDdr eberwein

Sigrid Blome-Eberwein, M.D. VDPC. Burn/Plastic Surgeon Lehigh Valley Hospital Regional Burn Center is the project Principal Investigator and Strategist for program development.  After completion of a Burn fellowship at USC Los Angeles, California and a completed residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, she managed the Ludwigshafen Burn Unit in Germany for two years before joining the Lehigh Valley Hospital staff in the Burn unit in 2002. Throughout her entire career she has treated burn patients and received extensive training not only in the acute care of burns, but also in the reconstructive aspect of post-Burn care. She attends national and international meetings on burn care on a regular basis and has presented her research at those meetings. The “normalization of life post burn” has always been a major point of interest for her and she is hoping to be able to provide the patients with some desperately needed interventional modalities to improve their self-image as well as the burn community with some evidence based data on the subject through this project.