The Great Escape

Target Audience:

Students in grades 6-8

The Great Escape


  • Students will understand the need for having a home escape plan.
  • Students will recognize and understand the importance of the components of a proper escape plan.
  • Students will demonstrate problem-solving when various escape routes are blocked.
  • Students will diagram a floor plan of their home and indicate two ways out of each room.
  • Students will learn how to “shelter” in a room if escape is impossible.
  • Students will plan and regularly practice, with their families, an escape from their home.

Program Length:

40-60 minutes. The lesson can be taught in the classroom, or can be self-taught by providing access to audio-visual equipment, and providing the student worksheet that contains detailed instructions for planning an escape from the home and a corresponding grid for drawing a house floor plan with escape routes indicated.


  • Video
  • Activity Sheet
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Pre & Post Tests
  • Evaluation Materials

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