Prevention Through Partnership

Thirty one years ago the Burn Prevention Network (BPN) was born from a split-off of its bg-business-partnershipparent organization, the Burn Foundation (BF), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Over the years, the BPN and BF have collaborated on regional and national projects that mutually supported our respective missions. The biggest collaboration of all is about to take place beginning in early 2017!

An agreement has been signed by both organizations to distribute the BPN’s “Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool & Call” and “Great Escape” programs to all public, private and parochial elementary and middle schools in Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. This educational outsourcing partnership will benefit an additional 305,920 students in Southeast Pennsylvania in 2017! “Currently, over 300,000 children from 22 eastern PA and western New Jersey counties are annually receiving these programs,” states Jessica Banks, BPN Prevention Education Director.

The “Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool & Call” program teaches 2nd – 5th graders what to do should their clothing catch on fire and emergency first aid measures to treat the burn injuries. The “Great Escape” program teaches 6th – 8th grade children how to prepare and practice a home fire escape plan and how to report a fire. Over the years, these two programs have been credited numerous times with saving lives by children and adults who learned and practiced the procedures they were taught when it counted.

Over 900 schools will receive the fire safety and burn prevention programs above thanks to funding by PECO and the program endorsement of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

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