How Are We Doing?

The Burn Prevention Network exists to broadly provide burn injury prevention education, materials and advocacy. Each year our targeted programs and services reach between your-opinion400,000 and 500,000 persons. We target these programs to those populations that are statistically at highest risk to sustaining burn injury, namely, children ages 0 – 4 (caregivers); children 12 and under; and firefighters.

There are other populations that are not necessarily at high risk to receiving a burn injury, but are significantly affected by these injuries. These include: Older adults – while not at higher risk to sustaining burn injury they are at much higher risk of not surviving these injuries; and Burn Survivors – their issues are ones of quality of life and the social interaction and psychological effects of scarring.

As each year comes to an end we take account of what we have accomplished during that year. How effectively are we reaching the target populations at highest risk … are we making a difference in their overall burn prevention behaviors … are we contributing to building a world without burn injury?

Your opinion and perceptions on these issues are critical to our planning and allocation of resources for the future. Would you please take a few moments and complete the survey attached below? We greatly appreciate your feedback and comments!

Thank you!

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