The Leadership Team is comprised of:

Breck Artz

Breck Artz, MS

Breck Artz is a Mobile Therapist/Behavioral Specialist Consultant with TW Ponessa & Associates in Lancaster, PA. There she works with children and adolescents with mental health diagnosis within the home, community, and school settings. She has her Master’s degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a specialization in Youth Development. Breck has been a part of Camp Horizon (a specialized camp for children with chronic skin disorders) since 1998 and has been on their director team since 2002. These experiences have led her to Camp Susquehanna as part of the programming team. She has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2014.


Jessica Banks, BSE

Jessica Banks is the Prevention Education Director and Camp Liaison for the Burn Prevention Network. She has a Bachelor’s degree with dual certification in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Millersville University. She worked in Early Care Classrooms and Administration for 18 years before joining the staff of the Burn Prevention Network in 2006. She runs all programming for BPN, and holds the PA State Levels I&II Certification as a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialist.

Liz Dideon Hess

Liz Dideon Hess, LCSW

Liz Dideon Hess is a Clinical Social Worker at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Burn Center where she provides mental health counseling, support group facilitation, and overseas peer support programs for pediatric and adult burn survivors. She specializes in social skill development, grief, and body image issues. Liz has been a burn survivor since 2003 and has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2004.

Marcia Levinson

Marcia Levinson, PT, PhD, MFT

Marcia Levinson is an Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University, in the department of Physical Therapy. Her specialty is pediatrics, with a Master’s degree in family counseling, a Master of Science degree in Pediatric Physical Therapy and a Doctorate in Clinical Child Development. Marcia has been on the Leadership Team of Camp Susquehanna since 2002.

Jennifer Nagle

Jennifer Nagle, RN, BSN, CCRN

Jennifer Nagle graduated in 1999 from Widner University with a Bachelors degree in nursing and has worked as a critical care nurse at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s, Regional Burn Center since 2003. Jenn has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2006 and the LIT leader since 2013.

Steve Schneider

Steven Schneider, CFPS

Steven Schneider is a retired Fire Chief and currently works for a large fire protection service provider. He is the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Regional Burn Center’s Liaison to the Fire Service. Steve has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2014 and the LIT leader since 2015.

Camp Nurses

Camp nurses are experienced nurses specializing in burn care and the management of burn patients. You will learn more about these individuals during