Burn Awareness Week 2015

Burn Awareness Week, observed during the first full week of February, is designed to provide an opportunity for burn, fire and life safety educators to unite in sharing a ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????common burn awareness and prevention message in our communities.

BPN will be using Burn Awareness Week, February 1-7, to kick off  a year full of burn awareness education.  During BAW, we will join the America Burn Association on focusing on getting the word out about SCALD PREVENTION.

Most scald burns (caused by hot liquids, steam or foods) occur in the home.  They are typically related to everyday activities – cooking, bathing, and eating.  They often happen because of a lapse in parental supervision, or a lack of preventative measures.  Young children do not understand the potential dangers of things like hot water and hot foods – they trust adults to keep them safe.  In addition, young children have thinner skin that burns more quickly than an adult’s.    A flowing liquid that is 160 degrees F takes only one second to cause a burn.  Hot Coffee is normally served between 155 and 175 F!

Scald burns are the most common burn injury among children ages 4 and under.   According to Safe Kids USA, an average of 12 children ages 14 and under die from scald burn injuries each year.  The 4 and under age group account for nearly all of these deaths.  Clearly, this is a real danger.    What we need to seriously consider is the fact that almost all of these burns could have been prevented!

CONTINOUS SUPERVISION of young children is the most important factor in preventing scald burns in young children, but there are many additional preventative measure that can be taken to make your home safe from scalds.  Please visit our SCALD PREVENTION section of our website for more information!

Additional Burn Prevention Resources: 



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