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Spirit of Courage Award Recipients: Cruz, J. Dixon, M. Dixon, Young, & Tingle

DSC08960.ARWRick Cruz, Jennifer Dixon, Mavis Dixon, Aaron Young Middletown, Pa.

Sgt. Daniel Tingle  –  Lower Swatara Police Department

Middletown Area High School’s football team had just beaten Scranton Prep in the quarterfinals. As Jennifer Dixon and her mother Mavis were returning home from the game, they came upon a fiery car crash. They could hear people calling for help, so Jennifer kicked in the back passenger window. She and Mavis pulled the passenger out and extinguished the flames on his body with their clothes. In the meantime, Aaron Young had heard the crash from his home nearby and ran to assist. He pulled the teenage driver out, then used his sweatshirt to put out the flames. Sgt. Tingle had arrived on scene and retrieved a fire extinguisher from his car to help put the fire out. Rick Cruz, also on his way home from the game, tried to pry the back passenger door open, thinking there were more passengers in the back. Relieved that there were only two in the car, he assisted the Dixons. The driver and passenger sustained severe injuries, but if not for the bravery of these five heroes the outcome could have been very different.

Thanks For Giving!

The Burn Prevention Network is blessed to be the recipient of so much generosity! Just thank-you-2io54wiover the past several weeks we have been approached by a number of groups and individuals who have been moved to make a difference in the life of a burn survivor, or help prevent life-changing injuries to unsuspecting victims. Some of you have chosen to support our services with a financial contribution. Some have expressed an interest to become personally involved and give of your time. We sincerely appreciate that generosity … if fact, we survive because of it! Continue reading

Safety Lines – Helping Those At Greatest Risk Stay Safe!

Part of the Burn Prevention Network’s mission is to provide education for “those at greatest risk” of burn injury. One of the largest segments of this population is young children. As infants become toddlers they are curious about their environment but unsteady on their feet, and do not yet understand the dangers of things that could burn them, like hot water, hot food on the stove, fireplace doors, candles…the list goes on!

To protect these precious little ones, it becomes crucial to teach those that take care of them how to keep them safe – their parents, guardians, and caregivers. Our “Safety Lines” newsletter attempts to do just that! Continue reading

How Are We Doing?

The Burn Prevention Network exists to broadly provide burn injury prevention education, materials and advocacy. Each year our targeted programs and services reach between your-opinion400,000 and 500,000 persons. We target these programs to those populations that are statistically at highest risk to sustaining burn injury, namely, children ages 0 – 4 (caregivers); children 12 and under; and firefighters. Continue reading

All I Want For Christmas!

Some of you are seasoned (old!) enough to remember the Holiday novelty song, “All I Want for Christmas.” The youthful singer goes on to proclaim with a lisp, “is my two front teeth!”

The delivery of that tune never ceases to bring a smile during the Season of Stress and 15355648_10153810225811653_1975018938896540247_nExcess! It reminds us that the simple things, we oftentimes take for granted, are the things that can bring the most fulfillment and happiness. Continue reading

The Importance of Burn Prevention

Written By Brian Joho and Nancy Humes, LVHN Regional Burn Center

The proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as relevant today as it was when Benjamin Franklin first penned it.  When Ben first gave that sage advice in 1736 he was arguing for the formation of the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia as a way to prevent the devastating social and economic losses a major fire can inflict to a city.  Since

Nancy Humes, LVHN Regional Burn Center, and Jessica Banks, Burn Prevention Network

Nancy Humes, LVHN Regional Burn Center, and Jessica Banks, Burn Prevention Network

then there has been much good work done by those who seek to prevent the suffering inflicted by fire.  We have seen the overall rate of burn injuries decrease across all demographic groups across the country.  With this decrease in the number of total burns there has been an increase in the survivability of even the most severe burn injuries due to advances in medical treatments.  Despite this good news there is still a price to be paid for those who are injured with burns.  Continue reading

Jack-O-Lantern Safety


When you think of Halloween, one of the first things that probably enters your mind is carving Jack-O-Lanterns! jack-o-lantern

It’s important to supervise children while carving, but you must also exercise caution when lighting them up!

Only adults should use matches or lighters to light the candle inside the pumpkin. Store matches and lighters out of reach of children.

Make sure the candle is securely anchored inside the pumpkin.

Consider carving the pumpkin from the bottom instead of the top. This makes it easier to level the pumpkin, and it can be placed over a candle that is in a safe container.

Make sure you light the pumpkin with a long fireplace match or a bbq lighter to prevent burning your hand.

The SAFEST way to light your pumpkin is with LED candles, a small flashlight, or an electric window candle!



Does the BPN Really Need My Support?

Does the BPN Really Need My Support?

By Dan Dillard, Executive Director, BPN

I recently had lunch with a group of firefighters who are actively involved in the programs of the Burn Prevention Network. During lunch I asked them why they thought that many fire service organizations do not join as BPN Emergency Services Members or support our “Give Burn the Boot” Campaign. The answer I received was both unexpected and enlightening.

In a nutshell, I was told that there is a general perception out there that the BPN is “fat andplease-donate-jar happy!” After all, we are associated with the Lehigh Valley Health Network aren’t we! And the Valley Preferred Spirit of Courage is an event, both in scope and stature that rivals an Eastern Pennsylvania version of the Academy Awards Gala. Add to that, they told me; BPN’s nationally recognized programs reach nearly 500,000 persons each year. How can we not be well-off and accomplish that success?

Now for the truth! We are a small non-profit that has developed an extremely cost-effective network of partners enabling us to have both a broad and deep reach into our target populations. We balance our annual budget by watching every penny and being resourceful. Here are some examples:

Valley Preferred Spirit of Courage: The cost of admission to the VPSOC ($40) is less than our per person costs for food, beverage and set-ups. Without sponsorships and donations, the event would be priced well above the level of comfort of many of our guests.

Wear Your Gear Training: This annual, continuing-education-credit event for firefighters and emergency response personnel is free to participants. We rely on donations to cover the costs of our speakers, refreshments, facility rental and promotion.

Youth Fire Misuse Intervention: There is no charge to families of youth who are referred to this program for inappropriate use of fire. Again, we rely on donations to off-set the cost of professional assessments and case management. In return, this program continues to produce a recidivism rate of under 2%!

BPN & LVHN: The BPN is an independent 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with no official connection to LVHN. We do receive support from LVHN, but this is based on availability of funding that varies from year to year.

Bottom line … we do a great deal with a relatively small amount. Without your financial support, the services above would either be eliminated or vastly reduced in scope. With your help, we can do even more! Thank you for supporting the BPN!