What Better Gift Than A World Without Burns?

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This past year in eastern Pennsylvania, the Burn Prevention Network helped:

annual-appeal168,423 elementary school children learn what to do should their clothing catch on fire…Thanks to your support!

132,378 middle school children learn how to create and practice a home fire escape plan…Thanks to your support!

Almost 3,000 new birth families understand how to safeguard infants and toddlers from burn injury in the home…Thanks to your support!

Unintentional injuries are never expected yet they are the most common cause of injury and death to children in the U.S.! Fire and burn injuries are particularly devastating. This year alone, over 480,000 Americans will seek medical treatment for a burn injury!

The Burn Prevention Network (BPN) provides education to those groups at highest risk to burn injury. It does so at no charge to those who benefit. In comparison, a serious burn injury treated at a regional burn center will result in an average charge of about $65,000 and may reach as high as $2 million dollars. Hospital stays may last from under a week to over 4 months!

Preventing these injuries is the most affordable health care that can be bought! We depend on your generous support to accomplish this.

Why Is This Important?

Children are burned at a higher rate than adults. Children ages 5 -10 are burned at twice the rate of the overall population. Children 4 and under are burned at 3-times the overall rate!

Fire costs our community millions! Children who play with fire or deliberately set objects on fire risk loss of life and property. The BPN Youth Fire Misuse Intervention Program drastically reduces these losses. Fewer than 2% of youth referred to this program ever reoffend!

Burn survivors suffer physically, mentally and emotionally. A serious burn often leaves disabling physical scarring. When these scars are highly visible, regaining a normal life can be extremely difficult. The BPN funds burn survivor peer support activities including Camp Susquehanna, a sleep-over summer camping experience for youth with burn injuries.