All I Want For Christmas!

Some of you are seasoned (old!) enough to remember the Holiday novelty song, “All I Want for Christmas.” The youthful singer goes on to proclaim with a lisp, “is my two front teeth!”

The delivery of that tune never ceases to bring a smile during the Season of Stress and 15355648_10153810225811653_1975018938896540247_nExcess! It reminds us that the simple things, we oftentimes take for granted, are the things that can bring the most fulfillment and happiness.

Multiply that need a thousand-fold for the life of a burn survivor! Regaining one’s ability to care for oneself … not having to wear pressure garments 23 out of every 24 hours … eliminating disfiguring scars … these are the things of normalcy that a survivor dreams of. Unfortunately, they may not always be fully attainable. In many cases, a “new normal” may be the goal to which one aspires.

Helping survivors and their families navigate that journey from injury, through survival, to regained purpose is an important part of the mission of the Burn Prevention Network. Our15349758_10153810223646653_7526754692062542944_n role is one of support and enablement. The real work is done by the terrific support team comprised of the clinical care professionals from the Lehigh Valley Health Network Regional Burn Center, the Psycho-Social Counselors and the burn survivor community itself. This group realizes that it is not sufficient to just heal physically … to be whole, one needs to also heal emotionally and psychologically. Thanks to this network, this is not a solitary journey. Peer support, the type that can be shared at a Holiday Gathering of the burn survivor community, or at Camp Susquehanna for children with burn injuries, is every bit as important as the clinical care a survivor receives.

The Burn Prevention Network is proud to be a part of this support team by sponsoring the Annual Burn Survivor Holiday Party and conducting Camp Susquehanna.

Check out our Burn Survivor Holiday Party Photo Gallery!


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