Advocacy & Partnerships

Partnering in Communities

advocacy-1Burn Prevention Network reaches the maximum number of program participants and beneficiaries through collaboration with a wide network of community partners. BPN works with fire services, first responders and emergency service groups, educators, healthcare provider organizations, community service groups, and others dedicated to spreading awareness of fire and burn safety and prevention issues, programs and services.

In particular, fire service organizations serve a vital role as our allied professionals in the field, providing volunteer instructors for our Children’s Fire Safety Houses and other community-based fire safety and burn prevention education programs. Each year, hundreds of firefighters from nearly 200 fire companies (both paid and volunteer departments) get involved in helping to educate children and other target high-risk populations.

advocacy-3Over 900 elementary and middle schools partner with us in the annual delivery of our in-school fire safety and burn prevention programs targeted at Kindergarten thru 8th grades.

Nearly 350 early care centers belong to our Safety Lines Network, sharing quarterly fire safety and burn prevention tips and alerts with over 45,000 families of pre-school age children.

Businesses, corporations and health care organizations also play a major role in supporting the delivery of our targeted programs and in sharing our materials with employees.

Social service and family protection agencies are vitally engaged as members of our Juvenile Fire Setter Prevention/Intervention Program. Over the past 5-years, this collaborative program has redirected hundreds of youth who were misusing fire to cease this destructive behavior.